Police Violence Against Citizens Is Born Of Officers ' Fears Essay example

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Examining researches, it has been suggested that the part of the problem with police violence against citizens is born of officers’ fears (Weaver, 2014). According to Weaver (2014), Gordon B. Moskowitz, chair of the psychology department at Lehigh University, suggestion is that the link between police violence and racism is not due to the fact that dislike and hatred of blacks by police officers. However, it is also guileless to suggest that those actions by the officers has no correlation to the race of victims (Weaver, 2014). Moskowitz suggestion for racial bias and police violence is that the influence of racism on our actions is very subtle. The most recent cases of police brutality and racism across the United States are most likely born of implicit bias – thoughts and feelings triggered extremely quickly for the purpose of guiding fast reactions (Weaver, 2014). Implicit thoughts are feelings that exists outside conscious awareness, and which makes it difficult for us to control and acknowledge (Hall et al., 2015). As we pull our hands from a hot pan, we also develop reflexive responses that are fast to situations and people that help to prepare appropriate behavior in different situations. When stereotypes are triggered, the consequences can be inappropriate and undesired responses that might not be endorsed if the people involved were aware they were doing it (Weaver, 2014).
Weaver (2014) suggests three ways that can cause our action to be discriminatory, as with the…

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