Police Use Their Rights As A Police Officer Essay

1364 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Police use their rights as a police officer as a way to overpower people. Police use their rights as a police officer to overpower people, to be specific African Americans, and treat them any way they are pleased. For example, an African American might be driving in a very nice, brand new, expensive car with the windows tented. A police officer pulls them over and asks them to see their license and registration. He also asks if they will step out of the car so he can search the car. The African American says no and the police officer gets violent, slamming the African American against the car and putting his hands behind his back. The police officer might have had the thought that the African American was selling drugs or doing something illegal because the windows were tented and most African Americans are stereotyped as drug dealers if they have a nice amount of money and nice things. The rights of some African Americans are being violated because of the stereotypes that have been made and their innocence is not being justified. Police brutality has become more popular to society in the past 4 years because police have a different definition of protection and they feel that they have to protect themselves and the community more so from African Americans because of the way African Americans have been stereotyped. As I have done some research I have found that majority of the cases about police brutality and people being assaulted by a police officer most include African…

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