Essay On Police Using Technology

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Police utilizing technology
Andrew Bond – 2366
Catherine Wareham
Thursday, November 24, 2016

From where your sitting right now, if your cell phone were to ring, vibrate, or make a sound how long would it take you to have it in your hand? 30 seconds? A minute maybe? Cell phones are all around us. Police are utilizing technology to solve a crime and to help potential victims with the use of cell phones and cell phones can be a good tool for police work. Buying cell phones can help stop door to door and make things faster for the police. By sending out mass text messages, faster communication though police officers, citizens, and social media. In this day and age people normally always have their cell phones with
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Technology has also changed everything around us and life, in health care, education and jobs. People have used technology since they first chipped stone blades to improve their hunting. Yet some people call the current age the "Technological Age" because of society 's dependence on technology (Mega essays, 2013). This makes it faster, easier to use, and can be a lot more reliable so people are not wrongfully convicted in regards to the cell phones, laptops and the internet. With all this faster technology it can help police officers get their work and possibly a bit easier and more correctly, with up to date tools, and technology like GPS, advanced communication tools, and less-lethal projectiles also improve the safety of both police and the public, because information can get to them faster (“Law enforcement equipment and technology,” 2014). As time goes on, so its improving and making technology better. Such as having cell phones now have come out as a bracelet to project on your arm or glass that also work as cell phones (Cicret Bracelet, 2014). Yet having all these devices may not be good because hypothetically if there was a war and an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) (Woolsey & Pry, 2014). Could take out all this technology and police officers would have them to learn to do things the old fashion way like door to door, and pen and

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