Essay about Police Under Cover Work

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Police Undercover Work
In Middle & High Schools
Derrick Smalls
English Composition 102
Ms. Tanya Klatt
September 29, 2010

The importance of having undercover police officers’ in today’s society plays a big part when apprehending criminals and getting a conviction. In this paper I will discuss the Theory, the early stages, the training, the middle stages, the late stages, the selection Process and how to avoid being made. I, took the following method to search and retrieve information for police undercover work, by taking the following steps. 1. Grantham Resources 2. Grantham University Library Resource 3. Search “Disruptive Police Officers”. 4. Selected the title “Police
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They are too afraid to tell staff when something bad is going on, believing that they will face retaliation from the students that committing crimes on the school campus. With the addition of the undercover policeman who will be doing the leg work and investigation, trying to gather information about anything illegal activities on campus. Schools suppose to be a safe environment will student can come to learn and earn their education. You ask yourself why a teacher or a member of the administration would allow themselves to get acquainted or be in the company of known members on the school campus who participate in criminal activities. Teachers have been accused of running drugs rings, bringing in and giving student’s alcohol, money, and sustain a sexual relationship with some of the students. It has been said working undercover in a high school, environment dealing with the opposite gender would able the policeman together more information, and get the lowdown on the criminal acts in questions. At the same time you would haft to be very careful, remember you will be dealing with teenagers and who will in return take kindness for weakness. As an undercover policeman there are several values that are put into respect. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage, these are the values that every policeman will honor and live by when performing their

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