Essay on Police Shooting 2016 Database Analysis

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According to a 2016 database from The Washington Post, 875 individuals have been killed by the police in the United States. This database gathered that number from news reports, public records, social media and other sources (“Police Shooting 2016 database,” 2016). While this number is not by any means enormous, deaths at the hands of police officers were higher during the first six months of this year than compared to 2015 (Kindy, Lower, Rich, Tate, & Jenkins, 2016). Additionally, Kindy, Lower, Rich, Tate, & Jenkins stated that 465 individuals in 2015 died at the hands of police while 491 individuals died within the first six months of 2016. Despite African-Americans making up 13.3% of the United States population, African-Americans have accounted for 24.2% of the deaths from police officers this year (“Population estimates”, 2015). The death of African-Americans at the hands of police officers seems so habitual that I have become desensitized to it in order to not let my feelings of resentment and frustration drain me of the valuable energy needed for my studies. However, I cannot ignore the grim reality that people like me face when encountered by police officers. I cannot ignore the tightness in my stomach and limbs I feel everytime passing a police officer or car in any forum. My lived experience is why I decided to read articles that focused on the killing of African-Americans at the hands of police.
The article Video Released in Terence Crutcher’s Killing by Tulsa…

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