Police Service Dog Handler For The Members Of The Cochise County Sheriff 's Office

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To continue to serve my community and the members of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office by becoming a Deputy Sheriff Sergeant with the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.


• Ability to quickly analyze and interpret the atmosphere at rapidly deteriorating and violent situations. Ability to synthesize this data to quickly develop a tactical plan to safely and effectively respond to the incident while ensuring the response coincides with State and Federal laws, Recent Case Laws, and CCSO Policies and Procedures.

• A proficient member of the law enforcement community with over twelve years of experience: nine of which have been as a Deputy Sheriff within the State of Arizona. In the nine years of Arizona Law Enforcement I have been tasked with the following assignments: Patrol Deputy, SWAT Operator, General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Surefire Low Light/CQB Instructor, Homicide and Violent Crimes Investigator, Sniper, Field Training Officer, and Service Dog Handler.

• Acted in the capacity of Police Service Dog Handler for over six years. During this six year period, made several hundred arrests for possession of illegal drugs, drafted and executed numerous search warrants for narcotics, attended Community Outreach Events, kept meticulous records, testified in Court, and seized over $680,000.00 in currency during drug investigations.

• I am a skillful tactician of my trade with over seventeen years…

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