Police Operations Essay

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Police Operations Paper
Jessica Eley
Todd Larson

In the early 1900 policing made up of two basic functions patrolling and investigating crimes. Patrol officers patrolled the areas mainly on foot requiring direct contact with the community they served. The detectives investigated illegal gambling operations and corruption. Looking into modern policing dangers in the job is a primary concern and how to improve measures for the safety of the officers. The Taser is a less than lethal weapon used to stop individuals without fatally wounding them. The use of modern technology in today’s policing has become widespread in securing Americas borders and every day policing duties. In policing there are applications
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Police operations task demands are to great extent dependable on task complexity due to the fact that the performance becomes better when the task is less complicated and may get worse during difficult tasks although the latter challenges human factor in terms of intellectual intensity, time pressure, and enormous responsibility, it does develop. Profound professional skills if only thorough training aimed at self-discipline and self-organization is carried out it is vitally important for police operations leaders to set appropriate time framework and force allocation as according to the latest research 76 of people working in police have low data processing capacity. This occurs due to the response of the brain to perception and physical effort policemen involved in operations are supposed to make. This may lead to the undesirable situation when they start handling the problem by exploiting located and poor data processing strategies.
One of the most influential task demands is resistance to stress and ability to cope with sudden interruptions. Experts say that highly indicated factors may have negative effect on police operations outcome as they develop more frequent forgetting on the planned action. Also the activity of working memory is very vulnerable to all external factors accepted by the human body through sight, hearing, smell, etc. Role demands in police operations and work prioritize inner structure of

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