Police Officers Perceptions Of Body Cameras Essay

736 Words Nov 9th, 2015 3 Pages
During the last couple of years police officers have received a great deal of pressure to wear born cameras. This pressure came after events took place where deaths were caused by police officers. This article deals with a study that was conducted in Orlando, Florida with the Orlando Police Department. The study collected data from police officers within the Orlando Police department and examined their personal views on body-worn cameras. Prior to this study there had been no other experiments conducted on police officers on this issue. Other studies were conducted where police officers in Rialto, California were randomly assigned to wear body-worn cameras for a little over a year. During this time they found a 59% reduction in the use of police force and a decrease of 87.5 in citizen complaints. The study conducted in the Orlando Police Department, was important to understand the pros and cons from police officers and use that information for future education. The studies purpose was to acknowledge police officers perceptions of body –worn cameras. They focused on their perceptions on the effects body-worn cameras could have on citizen behaviors, their and their peer’s behaviors, use of force, and citizen complaints. The study was conducted on 95 police officers who all volunteered to be part of the study. This study was conducted using baseline surveys. Questions such as, “What are police officer attitudes and perceptions toward body-worn camera use within their…

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