Police Officers And Their Perceived Relationship With Urban Communities

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Allen, Terrence T., and M. Michaux Parker. "Police Officers And Their Perceived Relationship With Urban Communities: Does Living In The Community Influence Police Decisions?." Social Development Issues: Alternative Approaches To Global Human Needs 35.3 (2013): 82-95. PsycINFO. Web. 9 Sept. 2016.

This article takes a completely different viewpoint of police brutality. Terrence Allen and Michaux Parker show the relationship between police officers and the members of the community that the officer patrols. Parker and Allen use studies to show how the officers would act in situations based on the type of community they patrol. Different scenarios could include predominantly black communities, white communities, high or low income housing, or areas that surround the community they patrol. This source is the best one I have out of all of the others. The research done in this article are key building blocks in understanding on why police violence occurs in certain communities.

Hinds, Lyn. "Building Police—Youth Relationships: The Importance of Procedural Justice." Youth Justice 7.3 (2007): 195-209. Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text. Web. 9 Sept. 2016. Lyn Hinds, the writer of this article emphasizes a crucial point on police and civilian relationship. Hinds says, “a key reason that adults support police are that they view them as legitimate (1). Legitimate is a key word because she uses studies to prove that if adults and even kids find police “legitimate” they are…

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