Police Officers And The Police Officer Essay

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***When we were growing up we all wanted to be something important in life a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, and even a police officer. Throughout time the laws of the land have changed and sometimes we must change with it. Although officers generally are taught the same thing it does not influence all the same. Certain factors influence differently generally officers go from departmental structural to individual typologies.
***Generally when we look at the role of the police officers it is hard to determine whether police officer role is crime fighting or the order maintenance. It is always hard to determine that because it may vary from officer to officer according to the book An Introduction to Policing by John Dempsey he aims to answer the question of what do the police officers do. According to Dempsey order maintenance is a “major view of the role of the police that emphasizes keeping the peace and providing social services” (Dempsey & Frost, 2007, p. 133). Meaning that the police aim to keep everything socially at peace for the least conformation possible. The crime fighting role “a major view of the role of the police that emphasizes crime fighting law enforcement” (Dempsey & Frost, 2007, p. 133). Looking at the terms used to describe the manners it would seem that the best way to describe the police officers work is to state that the police officers roles are more so order of maintenance. Although the job of the police officers is to fight crime it mostly is to…

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