Essay on Police Officers And The Police Officer

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Big Brother is Watching A police officer that is out on patrol sees a woman being beaten and robbed but when the officer pulls over to the scene the suspect had already gotten away while the officer checked on the woman. Even though the suspect had gotten away, the camera that was attached to the officers uniform and on the dash of his squad car caught the face of the robber and they eventually caught him. Police stations in all states should agree on letting officers wear an on officer recording systems: or body cams that are the size of a cigarette stick that can be attached to hats, helmet, or the collars on their uniforms. It keeps track of the evidence at the scene, always surveys the actions of the officer and it would enhance the trust of the public.
The cameras on these police officers will be able to keep track of all the evidence from the scene of the crime and will assure accurate statements and facial recognition from the victims and witnesses. These cameras will keep track of what the officer says or does when at the scene of the crime, keeping them accountable. Police Foundation Executive Fellow, Chief Tony Farrar, wanted to test out this theory with a yearlong study. The cameras were distributed to all the patrol officers of the California Rialto Police Department and during their 12 month test period they were randomly assigned to experimental or control conditions to see the results and after the test period ended, the results showed dramatic results.. It…

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