Police Officers And The Police Department Essay

1540 Words Jan 29th, 2015 7 Pages
Why has the police department learn anything from the Rodney King beating and the aftermath that took place after the verdict? Twenty-five years ago some of us seen the verdict that stunned the city of Los Angeles, where angry crowds gather on the street across the city to protest while others riot. Today we face similar problems with police officers from the situation that happen in Ferguson with the Michael Brown or in New York where Eric Gardner was in a choke hold by a police Officer which he could not breathe and later died. There have been other cases around the world about police officers using excessive force. Some police officers have neglected these issues and do not fully understand the impact it has on a community. The public wants to view police officers as professionals they can trust and depend on when in need of help. In the United States the way police treat and deal with different ethnic groups is a growing problem. In order for a police officer to perform his or her job to standards, the community must come together to share their feelings and try to correct the problems. The media is at fault to by portraying the police to the public and influencing the people of their opinion. The media has always been conspicuous in influence the public’s beliefs about certain issues such as police brutality, racial profiling and crime. The media can easily convince the public that any news they report is accurate weather its…

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