Police Officers And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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you become a police officer you have to think smart, and have good tactics and not think you’re over someone because you have a badge. On my second day, he sat me back in the conference room and we talked about how the criminal justice system is a teared system. It is an ascending and descending chain effect. He taught me that there are several components in the criminal justice system, the judicially (the judges, federal judges, state judges). It is constructed that way in every single state. The judges work hand and hand with the backbone of the criminal justice system such as the district attorney, or the United States Attorney. Louisiana District Attorney is Buddy Caldwell. Chief Nelson also told me that I need to make myself available, because I’m in the field of criminal justice. I need to stay alert to what’s going on around us. We then discussed that all human life is precious in Gods eyes. Police officers have to value human life as well as his own life. The United States has come to a true cross road with all the violence that is occurring and how we as a nation needs to address it properly. On my third day we talked about how there is a crime triangle on a PowerPoint presentation. It is broken down into three parts crime location, responding to the crime defender, and responding to the victims. For example buildings were getting rob on north market, we have to know the location, set up police officers there, and wait on the crime to be made. Then we as…

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