Police Officer 's Testimony Or Inadequate Investigations Essay

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dismissals due to unreliability of police officer’s testimony or inadequate investigations.
Public Perception
Uniformed police officers are highly visible figures in the community. They are held to a higher standard and are expected to display a moral character with sound decision making and leadership. Unfortunately, according to Kooken (1947, p. 173), the police have been dubbed the “world’s greatest ‘moochers’”, and as a result, it has done no favors to improve the police reputation in the public’s mind.
Depending on what the deputies decide to do, whether they pay or accept Mamma’s offer of a free meal, their decision affects how the public perceives them and law enforcement as a whole. If the deputies choose to politely decline the free meal and pay their bill as they originally intended, the public’s perception of these deputies may improve because the deputies, at least in this circumstance, behaved in a manner that is ethical and moral. They have just shown that they may not be corruptible, at least not in public view.
If the deputies accept the gratuity in front of the patrons, it could potentially cast a negative light on them in several ways. First, it demonstrates that they are quite possibly corruptible to accept small gifts, leading to more valuable gifts. To accept a free meal in front of paying customers is unethical and it could be perceived that the deputies feel entitled to special treatment because of their profession and the services they offer. There…

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