Police Officer Personal Statement

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As a police officer I play a major role in the current law enforcement system. My main objective as a police officer is to serve and protect the people in the community. This gets carried out by responding to calls, patrolling communities, and enforcing laws on a day to day basis. Keeping absolute professionalism at all times is vital for police officers. Over time police officers relationship with the community has changed. The relationship is more hostile and it seems like the community is against police officers. Media outlets have become the primary source for the creation of the current hostility between the community and police officers. As a result police officers are now being targeted by criminals. As a police officer I am aware that my life can be at risk at any given moment and that is why being professional at all times is vital.
In the police pursuit video clip watched on 9/17/2015 courtesy Dr. Gregg Gibbs the suspect gets gunned down by police officers. When videos of this type get released by media sources they create great scandal within the community. As a police officer I would say that the two officers involved in the shooting acted accordingly and within protocol. As police officers blocked the suspect off he immediately gets out of his vehicle and proceeds
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Policemen need to be able to go to work without thinking that someone might come up behind them and take their life away. There has to be a change in order to restore the relationship between the community and police officers. The community has to be able to trust their local police officers like they once did. If the relationship is restored both the community and police officers will benefit. As of now police officers are facing more dangers than they did before. Simply by wearing a police uniform they become automatic targets for criminals. They are not looked at as hero’s anymore but as the bad

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