Police : Lance Armstrong Given 2 Traffic Tickets After Hit And Run Accidents

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On February 3rd, 2015 CBS News in Denver, Colorado posted an online story titled “Police: Lance Armstrong Given 2 Traffic Tickets After Hit-And-Run Accidents.” The news article states that former professional cyclist, Lance Armstrong, was issued the tickets for hitting two parked cars and then leaving the scene with his girlfriend, Anna Hansen. It appears that on the night of December 29th,2014 Armstrong’s SUV was involved in the accident and when the couple was first questioned Ms. Hansen said she was driving because “Lance had a little bit to drink”. Two days later, after police interviewed witnesses Ms. Hansen changed her story and said that Mr. Armstrong was the person driving at the time of the accident. Ms. Hansen said she lied to police to keep Mr. Armstrong’s name out of the papers.
In Chapter 13 on personality the topic of Self-Serving Bias is discussed. Our self-serving bias is a readiness to perceive ourselves favorably. We are more likely to take credit for our successes and good deeds and more likely to blame others or circumstances for our failures and bad deeds. For example, an athlete will take credit for a win, but blame bad breaks, bad officiating, or poor play calling for a loss. Most individuals feel this way as part of a normal and healthy level of self-esteem. However, for some individuals the self-serving bias can be extreme which can lead to narcissism. Individuals with narcissism truly believe they are a special person due to an excessive…

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