Police Incidents And The Crime Occurrences Within An Incident

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1989 to capture up to ten crime occurrences within an incident (Author Unknown, Jan 2013, p 6) and (Author Unknown, 2013) and (Author Unknown 2012). An incident is defined in the NIBRS reporting purposes as one or more offenses committed by the same criminal, or group of criminals acting in sync, at the same time and place (Author Unknown, 2012). The criminals must be cognizant of, and be in an agreement to, the commission of the crime(s); or even if non-consenting, their actions contributed in the commission of the offense(s) (Author Unknown, 2012). This is a very important piece because all of the criminals in an incident are considered to have committed all of the offenses in the incident; if one or more of the criminals did not commit all wrongful acts, than there is more than one incident involved (Author Unknown, 2012).
The objective of NIBRS is to provide comprehensive, detailed information (standardize electronic blueprint) about crime incidents and all the elements associated with them to law enforcement, researchers, governmental planners, students of crime, and the general public (Rantala, Ramona, R., 2000, p 1, 2), (Author Unknown, 2013), and (Author Unknown, 2012). The NIBRS reporting plays a vital role in providing information on the new era of crimes we are faced in today’ society such as terrorism, white collar crime, information about assaults on law enforcement officers, offenses in which weapons were involved, drug and narcotic offenses, hate crimes,…

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