Police Incident Report Example

On Wednesday, July 7th 2015 at or about 2302 Hours I was dispatched to 4717 Southwest 39th Way (Aqua Isles) in reference to a suspicious incident that occurred. Upon further investigation it was later revealed that it was a kidnapping that occurred.

The information that was given to deputy’s en-route to the scene was “Complainant’s friend called and advised their house was being robber, but complainant does not know the location, just that is near the front gate”. Due to this information, it was thought at first it was a possible a home invasion or a burglary.

Upon arrival I made contact with the reporting person/complainant, Edward Darling. Darling advised that approximately 10 minutes before Deputy’s arrival he was on the phone with his
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The victim advised that prior to officers while talking to darling, he noticed two black males, wearing dark clothing, approaching him from the community gate. When they got closer to victim, they both pulled out handguns and pointed it at the victim. Both suspects stated to the victim “ don’t panic, where you money at, we known you got money”. The victim then told both suspects that he did not have any money on them. At this point “ the suspects stated, we know you got money at the green house”. Let it be noted what the suspects are reffereing to as the green house, is the victims residence (14 Northwest 7th st, dania beach florida), which the majority of the house is painted green. At the moment the suspects then told the victim to get into his car and start driving to Hollywood. The victim stated that both suspects got into the back passenger seat of his 2013 Gray Nissan Altima bearing florida BKC2180. While driving the vehicle he could feel on of the suspects pressing the handgun against the right side of his ribs. The victim stated the suspect told him to drive back on griffin and head east towards Interstate-95 then get off the exit ramp of Sheridan and head east on Sheridan. At that point the suspect told him to drive till he reached the intersection of South 22nd ave and Sheridan st and head south. At this moment the victim did not know where he was, and the suspects advised him to park in an alley way. The suspects then told the victim to get out of the car and lay on the floor. The suspects then conducted a pat on the victim and took his wallet which contained only his Drivers license as well as his phone. When they took the phone the victim noticed that Brown was calling, both suspects then stated “bruh we need to turn it off they can track like that”, at this point the suspect shut off the vehicle. Let it be further noted the time

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