Importance Of Excessive Force

will would be no use for excessive force or any force at all. Getting along with the community will bring a positive outcome for many people. If people want things to change within their local department their should put an effort into changing that as well, it shouldn’t just be an effort from the law enforcement. Also many people might blame the president because since they cut budgets it’s a lot harder to learn new things that will benefit the community.

Police departments around the states are making or trying to change the environment, so that people from there communities could feel safe instead of fearing their local police department. However according to American Civil Liberties Union states that, " We seek to have greater collaboration
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A nation where no community has to fear the police and where arrest and use of force by law enforcement are last resorts, not first options, states ACLU(ACLU). That being said

most people would agree with that because it will only create a bond where police and people of the community feel safe when being around each other. One of the most important things to know is that we should be able to trust our local police department because they might be the only ones who could help us in a time of need. Being able to trust in them could be a good thing in the long run. If things change the community will get along better and the crime rate will diminish. This will only help the police department and the community have a strong communication.

Another way to reduce excessive force is by having the police officers use a body camera system, that way will know who 's at fault. Some police departments have been using this equipment to help them when they get into situations like the ones I mentioned above. Wyllie states, "Perhaps the most important single piece of data was that more than 85 percent of respondents believe that body-worn cameras reduce false claims of police misconduct, and reduce the likelihood of litigation against the agency"(PoliceOne). Using body worn cameras with benefit the department as well as the community. Their will be no more false accusatio, misunderstanding and it will
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Police officer shouldn 't use excessive force at all and if they do use force to use what 's necessary. If police department make a change and the communities see results then maybe it would be a lot easier for everyone to get along. People should understand that what police officers do might not seem as excessive at the moment, and that’s what the people of the communities have to understand. Police Officers have to fight for their

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