Police Enforcement, Police Bureaucracy, Standards Community Involvement

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This writing assignment will address two types of changes in society, and law enforcement officers, police bureaucracy, standards community involvement, technology, and examine how the selected changes have affected police operations mission, values, their goals, and objectives in the 21st century in the United States. I will address two challenges and concerns that law enforcement might encounter with communication; give you, the reader my opinion on the strategy that mitigates these challenges and the importance of patrols in modern policing. I will identify two quality of life issues of panhandling, prostitution, problems associated with bars and night clubs, police interaction with the mentally ill, homeless people and civil disobedience that are permitted in modern law enforcement practices. I will provide a response to these issues, based on the research I have conducted. I will compare the contrast of law enforcement reactions as they are related to violence in homes, schools, and workplaces. Technology is always evolving for the improvement of society, some people will accept these new changes, but there are people in society that will not. There are many people in society that have closed their minds to change. New technology has caused law enforcement to be more efficient than in the pass, increasingly sophisticated technology is now enabling law enforcement at agencies to follow, and analyze crimes directly affecting the community. New…

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