Police Enforcement, Order Maintenance, And The Service Function

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Police officers have three main functions, which are law enforcement, order maintenance, and the service function. Police interact with a lot of different people on a daily basis, ranging from criminals to law abiding citizens. Depending on the person they are interacting will depict the way they would react. Furthermore, if they are dealing with a criminal they would act more in law enforcement mode, if they are dealing with a citizen they may be in the service mode by providing assistance to the person in need. No matter what role they are in, they don’t pursue each assignment equally the same. For example, a police officer may be more enthusiastic when fighting crime in comparison to going to service the community. The first role of the police officer will be law enforcement, which is the “role of police is to detect and investigate crimes and apprehend those responsible for committing crimes” (Lawrence & Hemmens, 2008, p.119). Police can do these things by patrol and responding to calls. In traditional in law enforcement visibility to the public is the key to effective law enforcement. More police on the street can reduce the amount of crime in the streets. There are challenges in policing some crimes; these crimes would be the ones without a clearly indentified victim such as prostitution, gambling, and drug dealing (Lawrence & Hemmens, 2008). In addition, law enforcement of course includes traffic violations, this is where police will be most exposed to the public…

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