Essay on Police Enforcement And The Police Officers

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1.) The role of discretion in police work is defined as the freedom police officers are given to decide what should be done in a particular situation. For example the police “may” make an arrest and “reasonable and probable grounds”. There is a fair amount of discretion carried out day to day in police officers ' jobs. In the cases in which the law does not require the officer to make an arrest, they can use discretion. Discretion permeates all aspects of police work (Canadian Police Work, Page 10). The criminal code encourages officers to use discretion in their work, and it is the police officers responsibility to use their discretion wisely and appropriately. The role of discretion gives the police a choice, and they have to act upon this choice and do what they believe is right. With discretion comes power and authority, which can cause police decisions to be examined under the microscope. “The police use of authority involves depriving citizens of their freedoms as well as the application of physical force and in some cases deadly force. No other personnel (except correctional officers) in the criminal justice system (CJS) are invested with this authority” (Course Notes).

Police have a great deal of power to carry out their jobs. They are so powerful in fact, even the presence of a uniformed police officer in public can have an impact on people. Police officers in Canada derive most of their power from the Criminal Code of Canada. They have power to carry out…

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