Police Enforcement And The Criminal Justice System Essay

926 Words Oct 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Our faith, publicly and personally, in the criminal justice system depends solely upon the knowledge that everyone is “playing by the rules.” Although many police departments have and are continuing to make collective efforts to operate within the rules, police corruption continues. With broad reporting, financial, and on-the-ground responsibilities of law enforcement, opportunities for abuse proliferate. Society has struggled with the corruption and misconduct of the police force since the very beginning. Both are abuses of police authority. Of the two, misconduct is the broadest category with three possible approaches: “procedural” what referring to police who violate their departments rules and regulations; “criminal” when referring to police who violate federal and state laws; “unconstitutional” when referring to police who violate a person’s civil rights. Selective enforcement of the law, physical/verbal harassment, discriminatory arrests, and excessive use of physical or deadly force are amongst the most common forms of misconduct in policing. While misconduct varies, corruption is more about the abuse of your police authority for your own personal gain. This could involve any type of material benefits or profit that is gained illegally in result of an officer’s authority. Examples of corruption include bribery, extortion, selling drugs, and fencing/receiving stolen goods. Another form of corruption and possible major threat to law enforcement is noble-cause…

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