Police Enforcement And Prevention And Reduction Of Crime Essay

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Police administrators have many responsibilities, including the prevention and reduction of crime in their jurisdictions. An argument for the use of COMPSTAT is that it results in crime reduction and prevention because it holds supervisors accountable for what occurs in their districts. An argument against COMPSTAT is that it requires police to focus on arrest numbers rather than public service, and is used to denigrate police supervisors.. COMPSTAT is a management philosophy or organizational management tool for police departments. COMPSTAT is a crime fighting strategy that focuses on efficient policing and accountability to keep our communities safe. It is more than “cops on the dots”; it is about having the right resources in place in the districts to reduce crime and curb violence. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) has empowered District Commanders by giving them additional resources to deploy as they deem necessary. At weekly COMPSTAT meetings, Command staff reviews the statistical analysis of crime, where it occurs, how often, and by whom. The data is evaluated and Commanders are held accountable for the decisions they have made and the impact it has had on crime in their districts. COMPSTAT is an innovative initiative that brings together all the partners to review and discuss in-school and school-level infraction and incident data, as well as and in relation to the violence that occurs around the school and in the surrounding community. Evaluate each argument and…

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