Police Enforcement And Its Effect On The People Essay

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The laws enforced by police have an effect on the people they control. Quite often, these laws are too harsh and upheld as a means of catching the smaller crimes versus the larger ones. This creates an effect on the people that manipulates their minds and emotions. The criminals become easier to pick out of the crowd and usually go back to a life of crime rather than back into society. People in society are in fear whether they did something wrong or not and of the criminals who come back into society. Police enforcement tactics impair the minds and emotions of both criminals and regular citizens in society.
The tactics that law enforcers use include one of which that can make people of color in lower class areas uneasy. This tactic known as stop-and-frisk gives officers of the law the ability to profile people on the streets as a way of catching unsuspecting criminals. A common type of profiling done by officers is racial profiling which includes races know for drug use and drug dealing. As seen in the documentary The House I Live In directed by Eugene Jarecki, a fact shown in the film stated, “African Americans are 10.1 times more likely to be sent to prison for drug offenses…African Americans represent 56% of those incarcerated for drug crimes.” (Jarecki) This shows the racial profiling done by police officers and its effects to the number of African Americans incarcerated to this day. Many officers find that their excuse for this racial profiling is that they are not…

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