Police Encounters With Drug Addicts Essay

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For my topic proposal, I would like to primarily focus on police encounters with drug addicts. When the police encounter drug addicts or overdose cases, there are various ways an officer may choose to handle the situation. In particular, the discretionary terms police give these drug addicts to be ‘let off the hook’ so to speak, to ‘get help.’ With America on a drug epidemic high, more and more reports of overdosing have been infiltrating the local school systems. Often enough, police are using their discretion to help treat and create these probationary programs with the officer and the parents. This method is becoming more common. Is this justified? Illegal? Useful? Most of the public argue the rehabilitation of drug addicts is not as effective as it should be. However, when law enforcement comes into contact with theses addicts, does that factorial fear of the law tends to change an addicts opinion? Pat Moran, the father of a drug addicted son, would argue so.
When Pat’s son, Matt, was dabbling into the realm of Marijuana, Matthew was constantly going in and out of both the school system and the law. By the time Mathew was eighteen and barely graduated from high school, Matthew had received such harsh sentencing from his last case, it had earned himself a long and tedious background. Matthew no longer was eligible to enter into the army; a profession he had dreamed for since he was young. Instead of the army, Matt had landed a job – forced onto by probation, and was…

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