Police Discrimination: The Consequences Of Humanity And Brutality

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One will never understand unless you live through it, an occurrence that alters lives. Police brutality and misconduct is something that is existent and not only experienced by criminals. Imagine five males who were seniors in high school were pulled over at a gas station on a sunny day where the trees and flowers were completing its annual spring cycle of blossoming. The aroma of fresh flowers remained in the air, shadowed the irritation in your nose that reminded you that those same flowers were reproducing. The police quickly emerged from their vehicle and approached the Brown Buick LeSabre. Every person in that Buick, immobilized in fear for their lives, as the two officers had hands on the black butts of their weapons, and the sound of heels of their boots hammering the concrete drew closer to each of the front windows. With a stern voice, the officer on the driver’s side of the vehicle asked for the driver’s and vehicle information. At that juncture, the police officer asked the driver was he aware of why they stopped the car. The other officer peered into the car and states that each of the occupants looked suspicious and demanded identification from each of the young men. The officer on the driver’s side checked the …show more content…
I realize my mortality on earth is like a flash going off at a performance, that no one notices. While maintaining friends and family from all walks of life, I was taught to love every person. I live by several sayings that I love to share, Grandma used to say “Every day above ground is a great day” and I consider this is my best phrase that came to me as I was chastising my oldest son, “It’s only a mistake if you learned from it, if you make that same mistake a second time, that’s called stupidity” I guess what I’m saying is I work intensely at altering what people comprehend of African American

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