Police Departments Have A Major Influence Over Ficer And Their Safety

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The organization of police departments have a major influence over the officer and their safety. The organization of police departments have an effect on the assault against officers. Research was done on organizational control, context, and complexity. These three points are the most important factors that influence the correlation of organization of a police departments, and the assault on its officers. Additionally the way a department is organized has a major influence on its officer. Disorganized departments are more likely to have problems, especially with the community it serves. When a departments is well organized and follows the protocols and laws it makes everything go smooth and less issues occur. The key to a great police department is how it is organized and run.

The organization of police departments is not something often talked about when thinking of the assault on police officer. Often when people see something wrong with an officer and how they act they just assume that it’s the officers own fault, but this is not always the case. There has been research done on how the organization of police departments has a major influence on how the police officer does his or her job. This is talking about how the higher ranks have an influence over how the lower ranked officer will act and carry out their duties. Also there are three factors that deal with the organization of police departments. These three factors are…

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