Essay on Police Departments Are Scarce Of Female Officers

765 Words Mar 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Police work could be very broad with respect to the duties that are performed each day. One minute, an officer may handle a noise complaint and the next, he or she may become involved in a shoot-out. An important ability for an officer to maintain is a healthy physical and mental state in order to operate properly on a day to day basis. Agencies screen potential aspiring officers to ensure overall health before entering the field. Upon analyzing police agencies around America, it is evident that police departments are scarce of female officers. Since the early 1900s, female presence has steadily increased; however, the number of female officers continues to be trumped by their male counterparts. Women have indeed made major breakthroughs in the last few decades; however, a number of barriers remain. Several agencies have recently began to adopt a military style of policing. Although it may seem necessary for certain sanctions, a military style of policing may create a burden on the communication aspect of policing. A weakened communication between police and the communities that they serve could ultimately create a detrimental effect on the community’s trust and cooperation with officers. In addition, several candidates are overlooked due to the selection process of a military style of recruitment. Women in fact typically meet standard requirements for the police field; however, many do not make it past the selection and training procedures. Entry level physical tests that…

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