Essay about Police Department : A Federal Civil Rights Investigation

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In 2011, “A federal civil-rights investigation into the Seattle Police Department found routine and widespread use of excessive force by officers”1. In addition, the Seattle Police Department also has problems of racial profiling. On July 9, 2014, 3 years after the investigation, Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlach unlawfully arrested William Wingate after accusing him of assaulting her with a golf club. Officer Whitlach was fired nine months later for her unlawful arrest of Wingate. The dashcam video on her car revealed that Wingate never attacked her, her accusation was false. In addition, the disciplinary report that was filed against her demonstrated that she had a problem with minorities. Officer Whitlach’s superiors determined that her racial biases were so deeply ingrained she would not be able to overcome them[10]. There were several officers like Whitlach in the Seattle Police Department , the multiple racial profiling cases that cropped up weren’t caused only by Whitlach. The Seattle Police Department adopted predictive policing to fix these problems of racial profiling and biased policing. The Seattle Police Department believed predictive policing would solve the problems of racial profiling and biased policing but that has not been the result.
Predictive policing has resulted in racial profiling, biased policing, and crime displacement. These effects of predictive policing need to be controlled and accounted for. The effects need to be controlled and…

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