Police Crime And Police Brutality Essay

2326 Words Dec 9th, 2016 10 Pages
Since the civil rights movements in the 1960’s American citizens have had issues with police crime and police ethnic. Within the last decade since the spread of social media have spread ideals that the police have been looked at as a symbol of fear and violence. The fear of the police has created riots and protests across the country. We have seen how these police officers have reacted in these negative/violent situations in which dangerous events become unpredicted and officers need to follow their training protocol. The public needs to know what officers are trained to do in which things go wrong and become struck with violence. We are consistently seeing officers use brute force and an incredible amount of violence in serious situations with civilians. The rise in attention from the media stems from the judicial systems ruling on these offenses. Many people question the undertaking of the court system and their protection of the police officers who commit these crimes and how their improperly sentenced with the crimes they have committed. Police ethic and police brutality deals with issues of race, gender, age and social identification. These issues cause awareness and affect around college, campuses, youth, and affects thousands of people throughout the country every year.

Eric Garner was a working man selling illegal cigarettes on street corner in Staten Island, New York. He was arrested twice in 2014 both times he was charged with “circumventing state tax law”. He…

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