Napoleon Corruption

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Preliminary Statement
This reflective piece identifies the main source of corruption to be power. The references I have mainly linked this to are the police force and political leaders as they are some of the most powerful and influential people on the planet. The form of writing taken in this paper is an opinion article. I chose this because it 's an interesting form of writing and it allows me to voice my opinion better on this topic. I have used rhetorical questions to make this paper more relatable to the reader and give the illusion of talking to a real person.

The moral views of a person have the potential to deteriorate as positions of power are introduced. This relates to the character of Napoleon. Napoleon uses his position of power
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Leadership at its core is all about power and influence. There are two types of power, one is used to benefit others and the rest of society. As a country we hope that our elected officials have this trait and that their primary concern is the best interest of the people. The other is where we see corruption develop, this power is primarily for an individuals own personal gain and at no benefit for society. This puts it in black and white however it is not so simple. Leaders can often delude themselves into believing that they are working for the greater good when it may be the exact opposite. Leaders can become intoxicated with power, engaging in immoral acts just because they can get away with it due to their status of power. This only applies to a fraction of leaders but that does not mean it 's not an issue. The more power an individual possesses the more likely they are to morally deteriorate and focus on their own egocentric …show more content…
Police corruption is all over social media in today 's age and over the years it has become a very common sight to see. Police corruption is a serious breach of public trust and human rights. An enforcement position like a police officer is one to protect the citizens however, it is not uncommon to see the people whom we trust to protect us, turn on us. Police corruption can take many forms including, brutality, bribery, extortion and perjury. A position in the police is one of great power and influence over society. A position with that much power makes it easy to see other citizens as lesser and treat them without respect. Corrupt officers breach the power they have been entrusted with and use it to bestow fear into society through acts police brutality and intimidation. Police corruption is a big problem in America, there are thousands of videos and articles online showing police officers engaging in immoral acts including accusing someone of a crime based on race, planting false evidence and shooting unarmed citizens. It is difficult to believe that the people who are entrusted with protecting our society can be the ones who harm it the

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