Police Corruption Of Law Enforcement Essay

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Police corruption in law enforcement has been one of the most important issues brought up by citizens in the past and present. Also police corruption and its detrimental consequences can lead to the collapse of public confidence in law enforcement. A police officer is corrupt when he or she is acting in their official capacity and is able to receive a benefit from that action, by either doing something or not doing something. Law enforcement and there extreme authority and discretion that they are allowed to use is a breeding ground for the infestation of corruption to begin. Law enforcement agencies today take extreme measures and hold high expectations for individuals in the recruitment process to hopefully weed out potential personal that would possibly be corrupt among other reasons. Although like many other jobs out there, there are still those that slip through the cracks to lower those high professional and moral standards that they have to uphold every day and every second on or off duty. This will give you some insight into the article of how police organizational structure correlates with front line officers attitudes towards corruption, In Police Practice and Research. To begin police or any form of enforcement of the law could have corruption, for many different reasons. There are a few different types of corruption, you have Grass-eaters who have a passive personality and will except anything they can get a hold of. Then there are…

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