Police Brutality

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The Future of Police Brutality In recent years, the issue of police brutality towards people of color has been brought to many peoples attention. It has been shown that not only do citizens have to protect themselves from people who break laws, such as criminals, but from the people who vowed to protect and serve them as well. For most people, it is simple to see how police brutality is an issue, for others, they want to believe and take the side of those who they are supposed to trust, the officers. Looking to the future, police brutality concerning citizens of color will continue to magnify due to racism, people holding positons of power, and racial stereotypes.
Racism is a subject that almost all of the world has dealt with in one way
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Police brutality and unfair treatment towards the citizens of color is a problem everywhere. Police unreasonably assume that due to the color of the person's skin, they are dangerous. They either believe that citizens of color are dangerous, or decide to regard the stereotypes of people of color resulting in unfair circumstances to occur. This could include physical violence such as the excessive use of gas, batons, guns, false arrests, and pepper spray; nonphysical brutality, such as emotional and mental abuse, racial slurs, and racial profiling are also extremely common, yet are reported considerably less than physical brutality(“Ferguson”). All of these actions support the fact that police brutality is influenced by the racial stereotypes that some officers choose to believe and let influence them in their day to day jobs. One example of a common stereotype concerning citizens of color is that they are dangerous and should all be considered criminals and inadequate citizens. This leads to police officers overusing force with said members of society. One case of the aforementioned brutality is the amount of people of color murdered by guns because of police officers, “Black men are thirteen times more likely than non-hispanic white men to be shot and killed with guns”(“Gun Violence”). (Lopez). More often than not, the majority of colored citizens killed by a shot by a policeman are unarmed and pose no threat with their behavior or actions. The graph above shows that the total number of people that belong to a manority that were shot and killed by a police officer and unarmed, was higher than that of an unarmed white

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