Police Brutality Reaction

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Police Brutality
Police brutality is unnecessary force used by the Police when dealing with civilians. The most form of police brutality is a physical form. "Police have been ordered to use pain compliance otherwise known as torture"(Watson 1). "In the 1633 term savage cruelty was used. The first known term in 1893 in the New York Times was police brutality. Ever since 1633, there has been a few police brutality occurrences, but now in the 19-20th century there has been more frequent reports" (http://sites.google.com/site/policebrutalityaction). Here is an example of police brutality, the death of Eric Garner. A group of officers put Eric into a chokehold because of resisting arrest in past time, which is not true. That chokehold killed
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Police men seem to enjoy to intimidate their victim or victims they encounter. "An officer intimidates his victim by his mere presence in uniform while standing with his hands on his gun; gives "the look" that he knows everything the victim does, where, when, and with whom; sits in the house dry-firing his weapon or cleaning his multiple weapons before the her"(Wetendorf 2). When an officer intimidates an individual, that tends to instill fear in the person. Policemen are taught to handle a situation where they are in control so things do not get out of hand, but in some cases things can backfire and turn into something fatal which could have been prevented if policemen did not give off such a bad vibe from the beginning. "It 's intimidating to millions of Americans to look into their rearview mirror and watch an "officer of the peace" stepping out of his car ...young, inexperienced, and seem to view their duties as preparing themselves for battle rather than their historic role that was to "protect and serve" the general public"(Edwards and Muriel). Along with that, an officer does deception. "He enjoys how easy it is for him to manipulate and deceive people. He can lie to the victim and then accuse the person of being gullible for believing him"(Wetendorf 3). An undercover officer sets up an ordinary person from the streets talking about doing a drug deal. The person gets caught and tries confirm the truth but the officer beats the …show more content…
"Black people are treated like insurgents in occupied territory and not citizens in need of protection"(McCalla 3). Some police officers seem to think very low of blacks and do not care at all about our safety whether we die or live. "Black people were about four times as likely to die in custody or while being arrested than whites"(Rosenfeld 2). It seems like officers are scared of blacks since sometimes we do give off a suspicious look so they use excessive force upon them, but there is no reason to because they cooperate with the officer but the officers mind is made up about what they believe who the person is. "Nationwide the rate at which black people are killed by law enforcement is 3 times higher than that of white people"(Wihbey 2 ). Blacks and Whites still have some animosity towards each other. "Racism is real"(Rosenfeld 1).Police brutality is occurring more often because racism is still alive. "Blacks and other people of color still face embedded racism in second class treatment"(Rosenfeld 1). We are the same, just different shapes and sizes, we all bleed the same color. So we need to stand together not against, fight for each other not with each other, it 's not right. "Black citizens did not sign up for being at risk for police brutality or killings"(McCalla 2) . Things need to change now with police departments and officers everywhere in the

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