Police Brutality Problem

Is Police Brutality Becoming A Problem?
We are no longer looking at police as heroes, but as deceitful criminals. Police brutality has always been around in the nation and now it is happening prevalently. When witnessing a police officer abusing his or her power that incites anger in citizens. When we are an actual victim of police brutality we become afraid. Once we realize no one will punish the officer for the crime they committed, we become angry and afraid. Who is left to call when we are in danger if the officer is the person causing harm? Police brutality creates fear in society, increases violence and it is happening more often.
When any major type of criminal activity takes place in the nation, society is always affected. Police brutality
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We do have to understand that being a police officer is not easy and it is not a pleasurable job. Police officers put themselves in danger every time they go to work and sometimes outside of being at work. Paul Chevigny later stated, “Police are empowered to make arrests for violations of the criminal law, and to use force at least as a last resort to enforce their actions when lawful” (Chevigny). Police officers are trained to protect and defend communities. Not all police go to work thinking they are going to kill a random citizen disobeying the law, purposely. A citizen being killed by a police officer could have been an action the citizen did in a wrong way, such as waving a fake pellet gun, reaching for an object while surrendering or even assaulting an officer. Police officers never know when someone is going to harm them so they have to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Considering the world’s violence is increasing rapidly, officers have to treat everyone as criminals because anything is bound to …show more content…
Even though someone may look like a threat to an officer or society, it does not mean they are. True enough some citizens are threats to officers and society but there is no reason for them to be shot dead or harmed severely. A police officer’s job is to protect and defend but that can be done in a non-abusive manner. On the other hand, we cannot set ourselves up to appear as a threat to police officers or we will be treated like we are a threat. We have to be more cautious about our actions when dealing with the police. We should also be more respectful to police officers even if we do not trust them, because they will protect us no matter what.
In conclusion, police brutality is excessive force that many police officers have used and still continue to use on any citizen. Police brutality is not fair and it is beginning to effect our community more each day and it can make a situation worse than what it really is. We cannot stop police brutality but we can avoid it by not putting ourselves in bad

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