Police Brutality Of The United States Essay

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Police brutality in the United States has become an issue that has gained the public 's attention in countries across the globe. Police brutality has been defined as the use of any force exceeding what is reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose. Police officers are entrusted with the protection of their community, although recently they have abused their power as a way to brutally assault often innocent civilians and get away with it. As of April 27th 2015 police throughout the united states have already killed 380 people, with statistics showing that the number of African Americans killed by police in the US is 1 person every 8 hours. Many of these murders were unjust and without reason.Two thirds of all police brutality victims are African American and Latino while the officers are white in the majority of the cases. Recently the public has been asking should police really be allowed to use firearms or are they able to rely on their police training to capture criminals? Are the police acting more violently towards African Americans due to a system of underlying racism within the police force?.

The shooting and murder of Michael Brown happened on the 9th of August 2014, in Ferguson Missouri. Brown had allegedly stolen a pack of cigarillos from a local convenience store, when officers were called and dispatched. Although store owners clarified later on that Brown was not the thief. Darren Wilson was the officer sent to the scene when he stopped Brown and…

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