Essay about Police Brutality Of The United States

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Throughout history in the United States, there have been excessive incidents of outlandish police brutality accounts. Due to these tragic events, social and political leaders take the responsibility to address the public, which ultimately influence and shift the mindsets of individuals regarding their beliefs among law enforcement. Misconduct of any police force can cause serious complication and problems that only lead to unwanted hardship and tragedy. Police brutality is a major concern in many parts of the United States that began in the late 1860’s, however, the term was never identified or used until the late 1870’s. Since then, incidents still continue to occur and receive greater attention as they heighten in numbers. From these police brutality accounts, riots, protests, and speeches are formed that consequently alter the perceptions held by American individuals on law enforcement. Additionally, many music groups and rappers produce the same influential aspect that political and social leaders attempt to do through their music. Artists such as Niggaz Wit Attitude (NWA) and Jermaine Lamarr Cole (J. Cole), are musicians that wrote music reflecting a time of a police brutality incident that provided the same influential message as professional speakers did. Individuals of all types such as artists, rappers, political and social leaders, take the responsibility to reach out to the public and address their different beliefs, in different manners, to ultimately impact…

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