Essay about Police Brutality Is Unnecessary Force

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Police Brutality
Police brutality is unnecessary force used by the Police when dealing with civilians. The most form of police brutality is a physical form. "Police have been ordered to use pain compliance otherwise known as torture"(Watson 1). "In the 1633 term savage cruelty was used. The first known term in 1893 in the New York Times was police brutality. Ever since 1633, there has been a few police brutality occurrences, but now in the 19-20th century there has been more frequent reports" ( Here is an example of police brutality, the death of Eric Garner. A group of officers put Eric into a chokehold because of resisting arrest in past time, which is not true. That chokehold killed Eric Gardner and that sparked an outrage.(Wihbey 1). For Americans, and mostly blacks, the year 2014 was very emotional and devastating because of all the stories, videos, and news of unarmed African American citizens being beat and killed for no apparent reason at all. Many people have protested but the idea seems to keep being ignored. So, what are we going to do this year? The brutality needs to decrease against the race of African Americans. officers take advantage of their power. Police men seem to enjoy to intimidate their victim or victims they encounter. "An officer intimidates his victim by his mere presence in uniform while standing with his hands on his gun; gives "the look" that he knows everything the victim does, where,…

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