Police Brutality Is Unnecessary And Excessive Force Carried Out

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It was not until this moment I witnessed police brutality first hand. It’s a summer night my brother and I went to the liquor store. While my brother was at the counter purchasing merchandise inside the liquor store I stood behind him next in line. As he was purchasing the merchandise from the store two caucasian police officers came charging into the liquor store. One of the officers grab my brother’s head, slamming it against the counter and placing his arms behind his back. The experience of me witnessing this event was demoralizing. At first glance the police indicated that my brother fit the description of a suspect. After the altercation, the police officers let go of my brother when they realized he was not the suspect that they was looking for. The police officers left the store and drove off. With the use of body worn cameras in America, the number of police brutality cases will decline because body cameras will alter the action of police officers.

Police brutality is unnecessary and excessive force carried out by police officers on civilians. Police brutality can involve physical encounters, but can also include verbal encounters as well. Police brutality is a lingering topic that influences the way the public interpret police officers. Police brutality has much to do with force. It is well understood that reasonable force from police officers is necessary when dealing with civilians. However, police reasonable force is limited to whether a police…

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