Police Brutality Is The Excessive Use Of Force Essay example

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Police brutality is the excessive use of force, meaning they harm the innocent and act tougher than they have to be. Officers who are supposed to protect and serve citizens are doing the exact opposite. Every day in America police officers cross the line and abuse citizens. They do it because they can and know that they can get away with it. Officers know that their department will let them commit many false arrests, protect them from all the abuse they’ve done, and none will be charged. The department will simply say that the officer was just doing his job. In an abuse record police brutality stands the highest with 19.4%, an average of 6.6% per year that is more than 10,000 complaints of police abuse.

An officer is trained to handle a man-to-man situation. Also deal with the problem in a reasonable way, unlike the case of Zachary Blumenstein were, “One officer appears to get on top of him in the street. Another appear to put his knee on Blumenstein 's head one officer is seen appearing to grab and hold him from behind.”(Hedgpeth, Dana) All thanks to a man with the video camera which is a police officer’s worst enemy because it captures how they handle their responsibilities. The whole incident was captured and showed how the officers punched him in the face several times, instead of getting Zachary medical treatment. They locked him up until his father picked him up. His father then took him to the hospital where he was found with a serious…

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