Police Brutality Is Not A Widespread Problem Essay

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Withrow (2005) states that recent surveys indicate that most people agree with police officials that brutality is not a widespread problem but is instead limited to a few “bad apples.” In some cases, there may be need to apply force and the policing agencies have strict rules pertaining to how force should be used and in what situations. The excessive and unnecessary use of force by police officers, including unjustified shootings, severe beatings, and rough treatment of citizens are still common in our society today because of the many barriers that make it possible for officers who commit such crimes to escape due punishment and often go back to repeat the offenses. Terris (1967) states that police brutality refers to excessive, unjustified, or undue use of force. In the addition to this, the author discussed minority citizens are victims of police brutality daily, it does not stop there. The youth and lower class citizens are often the victims of police brutality. Moreover, Daniels (1997) states that people are complaining about police brutality and misconduct due to police’s power and control culture. He finds that police are terrorizing communities because some of them see it as an opportunity to express themselves by being the enforcer of the law.
Police misconduct
Although police misconduct has generated much of social concern in the United States in recent years, there is no clear consensus among citizens, researchers, community activists, and police administrators…

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