Police Brutality Is Not A New Phenomenon Essay

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Police Brutality
Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland have increased the public’s attention to the problem of police brutality in the United States. Police brutality is not a new phenomenon in our country. In fact, one of the most devastating cases that heightened the nation’s awareness of policing and race was the Rodney King event in 1991. The “videotaped beating of [an African American man,] Rodney King[,] by L.A.P.D. officers, and subsequent riots triggered by the acquittal of the officers involved,” disrupted Los Angeles and the rest of the nation (“The Legacy of Rodney King,” n.d.). The events brought up concerns about racism and police brutality within the Los Angeles Police Department at that time. Lately, the issue of police brutality has been brought to the forefront in larger part due to the media’s frequent coverage of these accounts of systemic violence. Mass media has often “distorted yet at the same time helped justify questionable uses of force” (Wihbey & Kille, 2015). Despite the increased media attention to the topic of police brutality, there have only been a few reforms to combat police violence. There has been little to nothing done to address the issue. Although the focus tends to be on African Americans when referring to police brutality cases, all ethnic groups are affected. A 2003 paper titled “Neighborhood Context and Police Use of Force” suggests “police are more likely to employ force in higher-crime neighborhoods generally,…

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