Essay on Police Brutality Is A National Problem

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Police Brutality

Police officers risk their lives daily to keep our communities safe. These men and women are often in situations where their lives are in danger. Facing dangerous criminals, police sometimes must use force. However some officers use more force than what is needed. Today this issue is debated constantly. All over the media cases of Police brutality come up everyday. Racism is believed to play a major factor in police brutality. A question constantly asked is why police brutality occurs. Police brutality is a national problem and can be stopped with everyday people.
Today many believe that police brutality and racism go hand and hand. Most national cases of police brutality that we see all over the news involve a white police officer and a black victim. One example is the shooting of Michael Brown. Brown was a 19 year old black teenager who was unarmed. He was shot and killed by Darren Wilson who was a white police officer. The town of Ferguson has had a problem with discriminating blacks. The population of Ferguson is made up of 67% African Americans, while 93% of arrests were of African Americans. On top of the arrests, nine out of ten times when force was used by officers it was being used against blacks (Swaine). Numbers do not lie. Obviously in the town of Ferguson blacks were being targeted and when there was the opportunity officers took advantage of their power by using force. African Americans in Ferguson were twice as…

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