Police Brutality Is A Moral Challenge Essay

1467 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
Baltimore has risen in mayhem taking after the demise of Freddie Gray, who passed away on April 19th because an extreme spinal cord damage that occurred while in police authority. But before we get into why exactly this happened, let’s get into the background of police brutality and exactly how long it’s been going on.
Police brutality has been going on since the beginning of the police force, regardless of race, since before when it was only just the Europeans the thought of power above the law has always been something that if in the wrongs hands it can be hazardous to everyone. Even the ones they’re supposed to protect and serve. Being a cop is a moral challenge because you can easily plant something on someone you don’t like and send them to jail just like that, or, you can simply not make that choice and be a Good Samaritan and do your job correctly. As slaves were freed in the U.S., it is clear right off the bat to them that in their lifetime they will never be treated equal and every person not of color made it clear to them that that was the case, except the ones who knew from the beginning that slavery/racism/prejudice isn’t right in the first place.
With that being said I bring up one of the biggest cases of police brutality in the U.S. in history, which involves Rodney King where he is beaten by four white cops while other cops watch him practically get beaten to death. He survives but somebody happens to catch this brutal beating on video and the police…

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