Police Brutality In My Community

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I live in Baltimore, Maryland and there are many problems that I could write about. For this assignment I choose to write about police brutality, only because it is a problem in my community and seems to be a problem through the country. Lately there has seem to be a spike in police brutality, this is because people are recording these alleged incident and uploading hem to social media websites. Social media allow people to be a news reporter, except the news that is reported is sometimes bias. In most clips police officer are seen abusing their power and other actions that does not represent the way that police officers should be reacting. So what is police brutality and how does it relate to my community and most of all what would I do about …show more content…
The dictionary also states that the most obvious form of police brutality is a physical form. The dictionary goes on to say that police brutality can also take the form of false arrests, verbal abuse, psychological intimidation, sexual abuse, police corruption, racial profiling, political repression and the improper use of Tasers. It seems as though the police is targeting African American. Not just in my community but throughout the country. I am African American myself, I drive and 2014 dodge charger. Nearly everyday that I drive, I am followed by police officers for no reason at all. I could be just imagining things, but if it happens everyday I am certain that it is not just my imagination. I do not know if the police officers think I am a drug dealer or if they just like my car, but the fact that I am followed scares me because I feel like I am being targeted by the police and at any moment police officer can stop me and possible arrest me for something that I did not do just because of my skin color. This is unlikely to happen, but the fear that is instilled by the media is very influential. All police officers are not bad people or police officers; some of them just need proper training. Some officers just don’t know their own strength with the added weight from the extra equipment …show more content…
For if both sides are educated, there is more understanding of one another’s needs. The issue itself lies within a gray area; on the one hand the officer may feel that any amount of force that was used was completely necessary, but on the other hand the civilian may feel that little to no force was needed and that the officer was abusing their power. That being said, it would be little to nearly impossible to come up with a black-and-white solution, but instead find ways of improvement to keep both parties at bay.
After conducting a Police use of Force Workshop the following conclusion was made. “In summary, the Police Use of Force Workshop brought out several important points that subsequently assisted in molding decisions to satisfy the federal requirements. The first is that no single data collection mechanism can provide a full picture of police use of force.” (Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). 1996). This proves that once again that this issue is a grey area, with delicate

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