Police Brutality Essay: Should We Trust The Police?

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Cameron Clifford
Professor Galligan
UNIV 11-039
October 12, 2017
Should We Trust the Police?
Police brutality is becoming a big issue in our society and continues to grow every day. With every new video and report that pops up online or in the news of cops treating minorities unfairly, the tension and backlash from the community only gets worse. Thousands of people of all races are now starting to protest this police brutality they see in the news. This is creating a huge strain on the policies relationships with their communities they are trying to protect. People are also starting to lose their trust in the police and because of this are only making it harder for them to do their jobs. Police officers bring many assets to a community
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When showing the videos in the news the media sheds a bad light on the police officers to attract viewers and controversy that gives cops a bad name. This then sparks protests and outrage from the community over the unreasonable amount of force from police officers. This creates a huge strain on the cop’s relationship with the community and only makes their jobs harder. However, I will admit there are some bad cops out there that are dirty cops and do demonstrate unreasonable use of force. But that doesn’t mean all cops are bad, there are still many good and responsible cops out there. That’s like saying just because one person in a family goes down the wrong path or makes a bad decision that the whole family then becomes bad. I think we can all agree that is not true what so ever and thus proves just because one cop is bad doesn’t make the rest of them bad. In addition, a lot of the situations we see in the news of unreasonable use of force could’ve all easily been avoided if people would follow their commands and show them the respect they deserve. Police officers never want to kill anyone and are just trying to protect the community while doing their job. Also in some deadly cases involving guns or any other life threatening situations, cops should be able to use any force they seem necessary to ensure they make it home safely to their families at night. In addition, if you ever have a time of crisis, you are going to call the police whether you trust them or not. The police officers don’t know how you feel about them or if you fully trust them or not, but that doesn’t stop them from doing their job. In all, I think the whole police brutality is being blown out of proportion and the protests and outrage against cops needs to

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