Police Brutality And Their Power Caught On Video By Bystanders

1371 Words Apr 8th, 2016 6 Pages
How many stories have you seen on the news of police officers who were abusing their power caught on video by bystanders? How often do you hear about police brutality cases where justice is not served? Most likely, it’s pretty often. These stories are featured in the news more frequently each and every day. It seems as if every other day, there’s a new story of a police officer involved in an incident where they stepped out of their bounds. The rate of police brutality is rising each and every day. Police officers may think that they are just protecting their own lives from danger rather than enforce the law, and that is what gives them the right to use excessive force. Police brutality is seen as a serious offense and is investigated by district attorneys. Many officers take advantage of how power they do possess and use it against civilians. Many complaints made by civilians about excessive use of force aren’t even investigated. Although there are some cases that can extend of a period of years, and some that require more than one trial. Police officers, who were once seen as ‘peace keepers’, are now more of law enforcement officers. With the increasing violence in cities and states, the methods used by police officers have slowly become more aggressive, which has brung a rise in unnecessary police brutality related incidents. ‘Police Brutality’ by Sheila Fitzgerald states that “Indeed, police practices and policies as a whole, which include training, use of deadly…

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