Police Brutality And The United States Essay

1038 Words Jun 20th, 2015 5 Pages
In the past and recently, people have been affected by police brutality. The societal issue is apparent in many democratic societies around the globe, and increasingly in the United States. The wide spread of police brutality cases has raised many concerns. On one side, law enforcement supporters have backed the legality of officer’s actions while the opposition identifies police racial profiling, excessive and lethal force. Additionally, police brutality also raises concerns about human rights violations. However, guiltiness has only been proven against a few individual officers, or “bad apples.” Police brutality has proven to have an extensive amount of consequences. For a victim, police brutality can cause fear, depression, and a sense of worthlessness, especially because an investigation can be held in secrecy. For an officer, if accused and guilty or innocent, there will be a permanent hit against their credibility and career. For a police department, the agency can lose trust from the public, and therefore scrutiny against the department can escalate. For the public, and aside from losing confidence in local police, the media can sensationalize public opinion, and therefore public reactions can worsen the safety of the streets. Overall, the societal issue of police brutality has gathered much attention, and countless individuals are demanding a solution to end the depravity. So, should law enforcement officers be monitored more closely?


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