Police Brutality And The United States Essay

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Police Brutality in the United States
Police play an important role in our society since they are the ones in charge of enforcing the law, keeping the order and protecting the citizens. Because of the complex job police perform, many times they get involved in dangerous and violent situations, where they have no other option rather than to use force to keep control of the situation. However, there are cases where they abuse their power and use excessive force even though it is unnecessary. This is police brutality and refers to “any act of unmerited excessive and aggressive physical, mental and/or emotional abuse, above and beyond the law, enacted upon by an individual or group of individuals in law enforcement” ( Mitchell). Many citizens believe that something needs to be done regarding this issue because it is affecting people, especially minorities, and communities. However, others believe that this is not really an issue; they think the police are just doing their job enforcing the law. The police do have the power to use certain force in order to arrest a suspect, but they should not abuse of that power; police officers should only use excessive force when it is needed. Although many people say excessive use of force is needed to protect police officers ' lives and handle dangerous situations, excessive force should not be used unnecessarily. Because police brutality is biased against minorities and may have a psychological effect on its victims, police officers need…

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